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GS BatteriesBAB Distribution has been in operation for over twenty years offering a same day delivery service to franchised motor dealers, fastfit centres and other tyre groups. We have a rapid response to your requirements and we can offer a delivery service of up to 8 times a day depending on location, ensuring that not only are we there for your emergency needs but that there is also no great stockholding required on your part. 

We have a massive stock of GS batteries which cover all popular car fitments. Our choice of GS batteries is determined by the fact that they are designed and manufactured to exacting standards which deliver outstanding performance at a competitive price.

We are proud to offer your business the range of GS batteries at a competitive price, and we also have an alternative with the Numax range – please contact us for more information on our range of batteries.

We can also offer our “Reward Partner Scheme” for those who support and grow their business with us – please contact us for details on this exciting part of our partnership with you.

BAB Distribution is proud to offer your business the following services:

Regular delivery service of up to 8 times a day depending on location

Totally proactive pricing ensuring that our prices to you are competitive 

Unparalleled marketing & technical expertise

Dedicated call centre staff

Dealer development funds

No other distributor can offer your business the delivery service, technical expertise or profit opportunities that we can – PUT YOUR TRUST IN B.A.B. Distribution

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